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What we care for

Tree Plantation

We believe in trees being an investment into a future rich in social, environmental, and economic benefits. Bhumi Trust Foundation works with great enthusiasm towards tree plantation. The drive to return back whatever Mother Earth has provided has helped us thrive through various difficulties.

We have successfully managed to plant about 200 mango trees, 150 Banyan trees, and about 115 trees of various other species. With an aim to achieve higher numbers, we continue to plant trees continuously in our campaigns. As we say we believe and achieve, ” धरती माता करे पुकार वृक्ष लगाकर करो श्रृंगार।” This goes with us without question in every step towards our Dream Planet, a Green Planet.


Our work not only includes planting the trees. But, we make sure the trees are taken care of. We ensure proper care and maintenance for the trees planted by our organization. Our system of maintenance includes four very important steps. These steps ensure both safety and security of these beautiful gifts to nature, by nature. Our 4 step maintenance includes:

Caretaker's Oath

The Caretaker's Oath again comes under our maintenance procedure for the tree planted. This helps us to ensure the safety and security of the tree at a particular place to the person who swore to take care of the tree. The ethnicity of the oath helps a person connect to the tree on greater grounds, making sure carelessness has no grounds.

Bhumi Foundation Trust as Caretakers

At times when the trees are planted at a place where a nearby caretaker is not available, Bhumi foundation trust takes complete responsibility of the tree and ensures its safety and health. These trees are thoroughly taken care of by the coordinator at that level. All the help and supervision is offered by the trust.

Planting a sapling

This is the part where the saplings are with expertise and care, brought back to meet the land and thrive under its caring and nurturing nature. Planting is done under expert guidance by our team and volunteers. No harm to the sapling is ensured while planting.

Finding a suitable habitat

This crucial step incapacitates, a place where our future tree can grow and prosper. We believe in ensuring a proper habitat for our sapling that in turn promises a future tree. The area selected for tree plantation mostly includes, a property being taken care of by Watchmen or guards. The property can be near a school or a nursing home, and last but not the least an orphanage. These places have been chosen to ensure someone can provide for the tree's necessities on a daily basis.